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I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality

BEMIS Center for Contemporary Art Omaha, NE
December 9, 2021–March 19, 2022

Artists: Korakrit Arunanondchai (Thailand/USA), Ingrid Bachmann (Canada), Crystal Z Campbell (USA), Jean-Charles de Quillacq (France), Stephanie Dinkins (USA), Celina Eceiza (Argentina), Adham Faramawy (Egypt/UK), Mounir Fatmi (Morocco/France), Oliver Husain (Canada) & Kerstin Schroedinger (Germany), Rodney McMillian (USA), Bridget Moser (Canada), Berenice Olmedo (Mexico), Jenna Sutela (Finland), Ana Torfs (Belgium), Francis Upritchard (New Zealand/UK)

Curated by Sylvie Fortin

The Image is not nothing: Concrete Archives

2nd outing @ Margaret Lawrence Gallery Melbourne

May 13 – June 26, 2021

Opening celebrations and performance:
Saturday 15 May, 2pm – 4pm at Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West, Pipemakers Park.

Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country by Uncle Larry Walsh,
Opening Remarks by Dr Rosemary Forde and Performance by The
Unbound Collective.

Mareike Bernien and Kerstin Schroedinger (DE), Kumanara
Boogar (Yalata, AU), Phil Collins (DE),
Megan Cope (Quandamooka), Trent Crawford (Naarm, AU), Matthew
Davis (Naarm, AU), Pam Diment (Ceduna, AU), Korpys/Löffler
(DE), Rosemary Laing (AU), Hayley Millar-Baker (AU), Sanja Pahoki
(Woiwurrung, AU), Warren Paul
(Ebay) (Yalata, AU), Ashley Perry (Quandamooka), Nina Sanadze (AU),
Jelena Telecki (AU), Unbound Collective
(Kaurna Yarta, AU), Judy Watson (Waanyi, AU).
Curated by Lisa Radford and Yhonnie Scarce.


• Sa 03 – So 04 07 2021 / 15:00 – 18:00 •
Tactile Sensibility
@ Akademie der Künste der Welt Köln

Circle of Weaving Stories and Telling Textiles workshop with Kerstin Schroedinger and Nawara Belal, CiC Contemporary Image Collective Cairo 2018

Ausgehend von Anni Albers’ Text Tactile Sensibility (1965) lädt der Workshop mit Kerstin Schroedinger die Teilnehmer*innen dazu ein, sich in der Gruppe spielerisch der haptischen Wahrnehmung von Textilien und dem Erinnern an eben diese Empfindungen zu widmen. Welche Erinnerung verbinden sich mit bestimmten Stoffen, welche Narrative, welche Familiengeschichten, Mythen, Fertigkeiten und Wissensformen sind daran geknüpft – die an der Nähmaschine sitzende Großmutter, das erste paar Jeans, Fertigkeiten und Techniken der Handarbeit, die über Generationen weitergegeben wurden?

Es geht um ein kollektives Erleben dieser Erfahrungen und einen Austausch von Narrativen und Empfindungen und zugleich um die Frage, wie sich diese in Worte fassen lassen. Wie fühlt sich der Stoff hinsichtlich seiner Beschaffenheit, seines Gewichts, seiner Farbigkeit an? Diese sprachlichen Äußerungen der taktilen Erfahrung werden gesammelt und miteinander geteilt; eine Sammlung an Begriffen, die die Vorstellung und das Vokabular der Teilnehmer*innen erweitert. Es entsteht eine Art taktile Sprache, ein taktiles, nicht-verschriftliches Vokabular. Der Workshop findet abhängig von den aktuellen Corona-Regelungen der Stadt Köln analog oder digital statt. Die Workshopteilnehmer*innen werden dazu eingeladen, ein Stück Stoff oder einen textilen Gegenstand mitzubringen.

Termine: 03+04 07 2021 | 15:00-18:00
Ort: Christuskirche, Dorothee-Sölle-Platz 1, 50672 Köln
Anmeldung unter
Sprachen: Deutsch | Englisch Eintritt frei

The Garden : Cinematographies of the Soil

group exhibition Silent Green Betonhalle Berlin

22.07. – 22.08.2021

Learning to speak with Earth

A series of events by and with ZONKEY (Angela Melitopoulos and Kerstin Schroedinger)
in the yurt on the Toten Mann in Alberndorf in the Pulkautal, Lower Austria

With Omnia Sabry (artist, Kairo), Renate Ganser (herbalist, Wien), Barbara Glowczewski (anthropologist, Paris)

4 events will take place between August 20 and 29, 2021



Theodore (ted) Kerr wrote a very beautiful and care-fully written essay about Oliver Husain‘s and my project DNCB, AIDS denialism, and their own community for the Canadian art magazine C mag latest issue

this is quoted from the editorial:
Theodore (ted) Kerr’s feature importantly links the ongoing history of HIV/AIDS to the latest pandemic, focusing on Oliver Husain and Kerstin Schroedinger’s ongoing project DNCB. The title is an acronym for dinitrochlorobenzene, a chemical created for use as a photochemical, but taken up in the ’80s and ’90s as an experimental topical treatment for AIDS, and/ or AIDS-related opportunistic infections. In the duo’s latest installment, a video work, bodies enact care on other bodies, applying a visual proxy for DNCB to each other’s skin and bandaging it up, all while a deep, thick club track throbs in the background. (I’m reminded here of Lewis’s summoning of “the beat of that pervasive bass, dragged out at 60 beats per minute, like the human heart during rest” and Shikeith’s conception of sweaty basement parties as sites of healing.) As Schroedinger explains, she and Husain sought “to diffuse the naturalness of skin as a sort of boundary of the individual subject (as if the body ends with the skin).” This uptake of porousness is not just physical, either; further solidifying threads of interdependence and entanglement that run through the issue, much of the duo’s project has been focused on connecting with queer folks who watched DNCB circulate in real time who, together, assemble a rich portrait of the wherewithal of a community alienated by government, press, corporations, and the medical establishment. Taking up Didier Fassin’s notion of the “embodied past,” Kerr writes that “no one can actually know something on their own, even as it relates to one’s own past. Information is not (just) content, it is also the result of collection and assemblage, which, when explored with others, can highlight the multiple stakes undergirding a life, a movement, or even a shared community ethic.”

and a still from our video appears on the cover!

there will be more happening with the DNCB project later in the year!

 the exhibition opening of The Image is not nothing (Concrete Archives) will be streamed live on instagram

Saturday, 27 February 2021, 5.30 – 7.30pm (Adelaide time, that’s 9.00 – 11.00 CET)

very delighted to announce that The Song of the Shirt as well as their short satellites ‘Song 1, 3,4 and 5’ will be part of this year’s Forum Expanded at Berlinale, in the exhibition at SAVVY Contemporary in May and screenings across Berlin (HKW open-air, Arsenal, silent green) in June.

looking very much forward, hope we can be and watch together!


The Image is not Nothing (Concrete Archives)

Curated by:
Yhonnie Scarce
Lisa Radford

group exhibtion with Rainbow’s Gravity

Fri 26 Feb – Sat 24 April @ Adelaide Festival of the Arts ACE Open

13 May to 26 June 2021 @ Margaret Lawrence Gallery Melbourne



Radikale Passivität: Politiken des Fleisches

Freitag, 11. September 2020 — Sonntag, 01. November 2020

Szene 1 »Ästhetiken der Affizierung: Schmerz und Erregung« ab 11. Sept. 2020
Szene 2 »Digitale Fleischlichkeit: Mensch-Maschine-Sex« ab 2. Okt. 2020
Szene 3 »Politiken des Fleisches: Formierungen des Körpers« ab 16. Okt. 2020

ngbk Berlin



HGB Gallery Leipzig

3.10.2020  19 Uhr Les Complices Zürich

Anlässlich der neu erschienenen Monografie Geschichte(n) des Kunststreiks  (transversal texts, 2019) werden die Autorin Sofia Bempeza im Gespräch mit Kerstin Schroedinger und dem Publikum über ausgewählte Kapitel und Themen aus dem Buch sprechen.
Im Anschluss wird der Film She Said von Susan Stein aus dem feministische Film und Video Archiv Cinenova gezeigt.

»Roževina zgodovine / Corneus Stories / Geschichtsverhornungen«

08.10.2020 –
Fr, 30.10.2020
Galerija Škuc

Stari trg 21
1000 Ljubljana

as part of 26. Mesto Zenk / City of Women

They are all of them themselves and they repeat it and I hear it: a yearlong reading of Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans (1925)

Organised by Irene Revell and Anna Barham

On New Year’s Eve of 1974/5 Stein’s 925 page novel was read aloud in a ‘marathon’ 48-hour reading at Artists Space in New York, organised by Alison Knowles, Annea Lockwood, Ruth Anderson and Jean Rigg, starting a tradition that has continued into the present. After a ‘mini-marathon’ in London last Summer as part of Longplayer Day we proposed to slow down the format and read the book over the whole of 2020, in 4-hour chunks roughly every four weeks on a weekend afternoon.  Since meeting in groups is not possible at the moment we are taking the project online and meeting for two hours every two weeks instead.  Please contact ayearwithstein (at) if you’d like to join us.

Collective Learning / Collective Care:

Autoréduce: Weaving Circles of Unreproductive Autonomy is a work in progress, involving performative and documentary elements that seeks to record techniques and narrative practices of radical non-violence, through a series of collective gatherings and workshops.

“In a world of engineered and policed humankind, life itself becomes an act of sabotage, a life despite…”

my new film THE SONG OF THE SHIRT is going to reach some mode of appearance soon!

to read: A sensual dream on a pandemic spring night
by Nawara Belal

DNCB is going to be part of this beautiful project (some time next year) at Silent Green Berlin

The Garden. Cinematics of the Soil

Digital Dramatizations: Ecologies from the Future

Fold II of Digital Ecologies: a project in two folds

at the Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ (6th September Str. 179) and the former tobacco warehouse SKLAD (Ekzarh Yosif Str. 16) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

With works on display and interventions by Donatella Bernardi, Ursula Biemann, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Johanna Bruckner, Sarah Burger, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Valko Chobanov, Voin de Voin & Marie Civikov, Jonas Etter, Monica Ursina Jäger, Stefanie Knobel, Marlene Maier, Boyan Manchev with Ani Vaseva and Leonid Yovchev (Metheor), Emil Mirazchiev, Uriel Orlow, Lourenço Penaguião Soares, Elodie Pong, Oliver Ressler, Tabita Rezaire, Dorothea Rust, Elza Sile, Kerstin Schroedinger, Pascal Schwaighofer, Venelin Shurelov, Sandro Steudler, Kamen Stoyanov, Milva Stutz, Katharina Swoboda, Una Szeemann / Bohdan Stehlik, Riikka Tauriainen, Lena Maria Thüring, Alexander Tuchaček, and Borjana Ventzislavova

with interventions and talks by the philosophers Boyan Manchev, Stanimir Panayotov, and Gerald Raunig

Curated by Dimitrina Sevova

co-curated by Katharina Swoboda

with organizational support from Emil Mirazchiev

04 May to 30 June 2019


at Silent Green BerlinFilm Feld Forschung has set itself the goal of using the interior and exterior spaces of silent green for theoretical and practical research into the medium of film. Starting in May, a series of events, workshops and exhibitions will take place, dealing with the materiality of the Earth’s film as a medium of memory as an archive. How does the cinema relate to its carrier material and the materiality of what is depicted? What is the physical relationship between the body and the landscape and the image and thus with the viewer and its environment? The focus will be on the concept of permaculture, among other things, for the construction of living spaces that are preserved in the field of tension between observation, productivity and temporality of the earth itself. What role does this assumption play for cinema and its archives? The series begins with an installation of cinematic works by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill. Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien.A project within the framework of Archive außer sichEvents in the context of Stoffwechsel:Thu, 2019/05/30, 7pm Opening: Installation of cinematic works by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike BernienThu, 2019/05/30 – Tue, 2019/06/04 Installation of cinematic works by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien 

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019, 19:00
at mumok Museum Moderner Kunst Vienna
Oliver Husain, Kerstin Schroedinger, DNCB, 2019, 60 min
Performance, lecture, 16mm film, video and sound recordingsPresented by Moira Hille, followed by a conversation with Oliver Husain and Kerstin Schroedinger

in Paris:




video, audio and 16mm installation, in collaboration with Oliver Husain
The work in progress will be presented at the Schwules Museum in Berlin on November 28, 2018




Walkshopreihe zur Bedeutung von Farben im städtischen Raum mit der Basler Künstlerin, Kunstpädagogin und Forscherin Chantal Küng.

Samstag, 18.8., 13—17 Uhr: «Pharma und Farben; Bläue»
Mit Kerstin Schroedinger, Künstlerin.
Treffpunkt: Kunstmuseum Basel


Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event

Fold 1 of Digital Ecologies: a project in two folds

across two venues in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the Center of Contempoary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ (6th September Str. 179) and the former tobacco warehouse SKLAD (Ekzarh Yosif Str. 16).

27 July to 5 September 2018

With works and interventions by Donatella Bernardi, Ursula Biemann, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Voin de Voin & Simone Gilges, Jonas Etter, David Jacques, Monica Ursina Jäger, knowbotiq, Dominique Koch, Marlene Maier, Boyan Manchev, Angela Melitopoulos, Uriel Orlow, Ursula Palla, Elena Peytchinska, Elodie Pong, Isabel Reiß, Oliver Ressler, Dorothea Rust, Kerstin Schroedinger, Pascal Schwaighofer, Sandro Steudler, Axelle Stiefel, Kamen Stoyanov, Milva Stutz, Katharina Swoboda, Una Szeemann & Bohdan Stehlik, Lena Maria Thüring, and Alexander Tuchaček.

Curated by Dimitrina Sevova, co-curated by Katharina Swoboda and Emil Mirazchiev.

Opening: 27 July 2018, 18:00h


96 Stunden lang feministisches On Air Programm!


Infected Landscapes – Infizierte Landschaften

Symposium and Exhibition at M1 Arthur-Boskamp-Stiftung Hohenlockstedt

18 May–17 June 2018

Participating artists: Filipa Cesar & Louis Henderson, Esther Kinsky, knowbotiq, The Many Headed Hydra, Elke Marhöfer & Mykhail Lylov, Uriel Orlow, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Sandra Schäfer, Kerstin Schroedinger, Virgilijus Šonta, Vangjush Vellahu and Gitte Villesen.

Inserts by Noémi Barbaglia, Anika Bartens, Robert Bergmann, Joerg Franzbecker, Nina Kuttler & Binbin Zhang, Margarida Mendes, Elisabeth Mohrdiek, Hannah Senoner, Salka Tiziana, among others. 

Interviews and documentation: Sebastian Bodirsky.



On Saturday, 30th of March 2018, between 4pm and 6pm participants of the <<All at Once>> workshop recorded sounds in different parts of Downtown Cairo, from Attaba Square to Ramsis train station or on the Nile.
The recording of the listening session was made on May 3rd, 2018 between 7:40 and 8:31 pm at the library at CiC – Contemporary Image Collective Cairo
with audio and live contributions by
Asma Ibrahim, Sarah Hani, We’aam Said, Helena Abdelnasser, Mariam Boctor, Ali Camadjo, Omnia Sabry, Sahar Ashiq, Areej Bamal, Ahmed Refaat and Kerstin Schroedinger.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the workshop and to everyone at CiC, especially to Sandra Edwards and Andrea Thal, thank you to Mido Sadek.

all at once listening session:

opening at Dazibao, Montréal

Entends-tu ce que je vois? 
Do You See What I Hear? 

From March 29 to June 2, 2018 Opening on March 29 at 7 pm

Wojciech Bakowski, Bianca Baldi, Simon M. Benedict, Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schroedinger, Myriam Bleau, Bojan Fajfric, Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann, Rosalie Jean, Kapwani Kiwanga, Douglas Moffat, Naveen Padmanabha, Jen Reimer & Max Stein, Sofie Thorsen and Marie Voignier.

An exhibition prepared for Dazibao by France Choinière.

out now:


Visualität und Abstraktion. Eine Aktualisierung des Figur-Grund-Verhältnisses

Herausgabe: Hanne Loreck, in Zusammenarbeit mit Jana Seehusen
Redaktionelle Mitarbeit: Christian Blumberg, Joachim Glaser, Joke Janssen, Peter Müller, Merle Radtke, Anna Tautfest
Gestaltung: Flo Gaertner, magma design studio, Karlsruhe

Materialverlag der HFBK 2017
Material 388
ISBN: 978-3-944954-37-0
20 Euro

Bläue (Blueness) screening in Newcastle on Wednesday March 7th with North East Photography Network
NEPN and Breeze Creatives present a screening of Bläue (Blueness), a film by artist Kerstin Schroedinger on Wednesday 7 March at 6.30pm at Bamburgh House, Newcastle. Following the screening there will be a Q&A with the artist.

more screenings to come 🙂

Bläue (Blueness) will be part of the 13th Forum Expanded exhibition at Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg

opening on February 14

exhibition is open February 15-26, every day from 11 am – 9 pm

In the meantime I’ve worked with COLLECTIVETEXT, a Glasgow based organisation, who created a visual description and closed captions for HoH.

out now:

by Mareike Bernien and Kerstin Schroedinger


Rainbow’s Gravity will be shown in the screening series
Affinities or The Weight of Cinema curated by Joanna Raczynska, Greg de Cuir Jr and Kevin Jerome Everson in the programme titled:

An Affinity for Colour

January 13, 2 pm at the NGA in Washington DC


coming soon

13.06.2017 19:30

Life Expectancies: The Body between Exposure and Development

Films by Sandra LAHIRE and Discussion between Elsa RICHARDSON and Kerstin SCHROEDINGER

Plutonium Blonde, Sandra Lahire, UK 1986; courtesy: CINENOVA – feminist film and video distribution.

In the context of the exhibition Looking at the Present through Rear-View Mirrors, artist Kerstin Schroedinger will be showing two films – Arrows (UK, 1984) and Plutonium Blonde (UK, 1986) – by British filmmaker Sandra Lahire (1950-2001). This will be followed by a conversation between Elsa Richardson and Kerstin Schroedinger about the production of emotions and the relation between capitalism and feelings, as considered through moments in history that have challenged the relations between the economy, the body, the image and the mind. Kerstin Schroedinger will expand on this with regard to her performance piece The Alleged Body, which is part of the current exhibition at the Kunstpavillon. The Alleged Body looks at the shift from Fordist to immaterial labour during the 1980s. They will talk about the relation between women’s bodies and (mental) health, within the framework of the capitalist production of emotionality relating to British filmmaker Sandra Lahire’s work.

The event will be held with kind support from CINENOVA – Feminist Film and Video Distribution.

Sandra Lahire (1950-2001) was a British filmmaker who worked around body-image and the social, material, and economic impacts of (capitalism) on the (female) body and self. The screening shows two of her works, each from a larger work cycle. Arrows (1984) is based on a poem by Sylvia Plath and reflects the continuous negotiation between one’s body, the larger political context and the way that society/the camera frames such a body. Plutonium Blonde (1986) explores the toxic effects of Uranium mining.

Elsa Richardson is a lecturer in the history of medicine at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, affiliated with the Centre for the History of Health and Healthcare. Amongst other things her research considers the relation of heterodox practices, beliefs and movements to mainstream society and culture, focusing in particular on the interaction between medicine and the imagination, psychology and the occult, emotions and science. Her forthcoming monograph examines the place of extraordinary visionary experience in the Victorian scientific and popular imaginary, and her new research project looks at the history of vegetarianism and narratives of wellbeing in the early twentieth century.


Rennweg 8a
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
+43 512 58 11 33

Wed-Fri 11.00 – 18.00
Sat 11.00 – 15.00

new work work work work work

MIX for the exhibition
Looking at the Present through Rear-View Mirrors
Kunstpavillon Innsbruck 19.05.2017 – 29.07.2017
Eva Egermann, Stefan Hayn, Kerstin Schroedinger, Vladislav Shapovalov
Defiance Recipes (Kurkuma)




exhibition at Kunstpavillion Innsbruck 18/05/2017, 7.30 pm

new work: 2nd appearance: blueness-related:
20/05/2017   at
Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen Innsbruck

…more info soon…

new work: 3rd appearance: blueness-related:
24/05/2017, 7 pm at
Les Complices* Zurich


the workshop series Strategies of Conveyance made in the context of Shadows of the Imperceptible – Photo Cairo 6 – has come to an end culminating in a wonderful filmshoot to bring all the videos (and a double super 8 projection) made during the workshop together in one long chain film.

The video is shown until  March 23, 2017 at Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre

16463017_10154846212646142_3309761889119887924_ophoto by Mai Al Shazly



Rainbow’s Gravity will be back in NYC February 28, 2017, 7pm


OUT NOW is Rab-Rab#3: journal for political and formal inquiries in art from Helsinki, featuring the text/screenplay ‘Moving Image Body: Loosening the Close Bond between Cinema and History’



OUT NOW on the occasion of the 3rd edition of Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism is a Zine featuring a small contribution by myself



Friday,  November 5, 2016 Rainbow’s Gravity is shown as part of
Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 at the Whitney in New York



Opening in Innsbruck (AT):

Am Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016, um 19.00 finden in Büchsenhausen die sogenannten Start-Up Lectures des Internationalen Fellowship-Programms für Kunst und Theorie 2016/17 statt.

In diesem Rahmen werden die neuen Fellows – Eva Egermann, Stefan Hayn, Kerstin Schroedinger, Vladislav Shapovalov – sich und ihre Arbeit vorstellen und einen Ausblick auf das jeweilige Arbeitsvorhaben in den kommenden Monaten gewähren.

Das Internationale Fellowship-Programm für Kunst und Theorie stellt im Jahr 2016/17 Arbeitsvorhaben in den Mittelpunkt, die sich mit körperlichen Devianzen, Bildungsgeistern, scheinbar obsoleten Bildproduktionsverfahren und ehemaligen Geopolitiken befassen.




Listen to the formidable compilation Holding Tail With Mouth: Poems by The Baroness

Interpretations of texts by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven aka Baroness

curated by Sofia Bempeza and Fytini
released August 15, 2016





Home and Away – Commissions and Resident Films from the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
at (S8) 7. Mostra de Cinema Periferico in A Coruna, Spain


Workshop #1
Strategies of Conveyance
Kerstin Schroedinger

The workshop will take place in 3 sessions:
First session: 23rd – 25th of May 2016, 6-9 pm
Session 2 and 3 will take place in September 2016 and January 2017. Participants need to be able to attend all sessions of the workshop.
Language: English. Translation to Arabic provided.
The workshop is free of charge.

The workshop series Strategies of Conveyance is conceived as a material-based study group with the aim of producing a collective film. Each of the three sessions will focus on an element of film, such as sound, movement, colour or montage. The workshop intends to reveal and deconstruct practices of visibility in film so that we could shift perspective to elements of the moving image that are not (just) working on a representational level. Through this change of perspective we aim to find forms of filmmaking that challenge attitudes to image making as making visible and destabilise the dominance of the visual within the moving image. In the process of the workshops we will critically discuss images and try to take them apart in order to open up the possibility for other elements of film to form new relations.



exhibition at Médiathèque Genève
15 April – 07 May 2016

opening 14 April, 6 pm

curated by Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo
with films by Mareike Bernien / Kerstin Schroedinger, Gilles Lepore / Maciej Madracki / Michal Madracki, Chris Marker, Bernard Meister, Elio Petri, Catarina Simão and an installation by Christine Lemke


Narrative Color at the M.I.T. List Visual Arts Center in Boston, US

from  April 19, 2016 – May 22, 2016

The exhibition features KP Brehmer, Bernadette Corporation, Mareike Bernien and Kerstin Schroedinger, Derek Jarman, and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto.


Fugue  is screening at  EMAF Osnabrück 

Sat. April 23, 11.30 am



Fugue is on its way from Chicago to Hong Kong

screening at the 40th Hong Kong IFF

on March 30  8 pm and April 3 12.30 pm


also very happy to announce running in  the German Competition

of the 62nd Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen May 5-10

screening May 8th, 5 pm at Lichtburg Cinema




upcoming festival screenings of Fugue :

27th Onion City Experimental Film Festival in Chicago
March 5th @ 4pm PROGRAM 4

at Defibrillator Gallery (1463 W Chicago Ave)


BFI Flare London

The Tectonic Screen

Friday 25 March 18:20  NFT3



very pleased to announce the next screenings of Fugue at the

11th Forum Expanded at the 66th Berlinale

Wed., 17.2., 20:30 Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg

Thu., 18.2., 15:00 Arsenal 1

in a programme with Mayye Zayed, Gabraz Sanna and Shelly Silver



performance “Matters of practices/doings/actions” at

Visualität und Abstraktion Symposium

HfbK Hamburg 5./6. Februar 2016



Red, she said will be shown in a programme curated by Madeleine Bernstorff

KÖPFE, DIE SICH SELBSTÄNDIG MACHEN at the 29. STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER on Sun January 17 at 11.30 at Kunstraum34 in Stuttgart



talk and workshop in Cairo:

Talk : Film Colours
Sunday, 20 December 2015, 7pm
Language: English with translation to Arabic

A talk about colour in film with films by Jenny Okun, Sandra Lahire, M. Bernien/K. Schroedinger, and short clips and excerpts from the realm of colour films.

Workshop about colour in film
21 & 22 December 2015, 6 – 9pm
Language: English with translation to Arabic

at CIC – Contemporary Image Collective,  Downtown, 22 Abd El-Khalik Tharwat, Cairo



screening of RAINBOW’S GRAVITY in Munich

25/11/2015  8 pm  Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium [sic], Pinakothek der Moderne

on the occasion of the opening of Fritz Winter – Das Jahrzehnt der Farbe




Bildpunkt Herbst 2015 – Imaginarios

mit dem Text Bewegte Bilder – Bewegende Körper



Very pleased to announce the next screening of Fugue at

MIX NYC 28th Queer Experimental Film Festival

on Nov 13  8 pm at the MIX Factory in New York



Rainbow’s Gravity will be shown as part of

“Herding Islands, Rats and the Anthropocene”

a curatorial project by Sofia Lemos and others

on Nov 4-6 at Sining Makiling Gallery, University of the Philippines-Los Banos

HERE is an interview about the project



Fugue will be shown next at

Antimatter Media Arts Festival Victoria Canada

on Oct 24 9 pm at Deluge




on Oct 9 7 pm at the Visual Culture Research Centre




Rainbow’s Gravity will be shown as part of


on Oct 15 7 pm at Arsenal




Sept 28 6 pm Viaduktraum ZHdK Toni-Areal

im Rahmen der Praktiken des Wissens Vortragsreihe




‘In Fugue, we see projections of sentences, signs or checkered lines, always modified by a human figure and its movements, which vary in each of the three parts that structure the work. The visual construction acquires a certain common texture that involves the lights, sounds and words. At the same time, the moving body constitutes a real noise superimposing the image, interfering with the shapes we see and reverberating on the audio track. This intense biomechanical choreography disturbs the experience of vision, eliciting the sensitive reorganization of the relations and senses that compose the visible.’ (programme notes by Luis Felipe Flores)

Visualities Programme Fest Curtas Belo Horizonte Sept 27 7 pm




Das Dreieck der Liebe (The Triangle of Love)
– Abstraktion und Koerperlichkeit in der Kunst
at Helmhaus Zurich opening Sept 24 6 pm.
The exhibition runs until Nov 22nd.



Rainbow’s Gravity will be shown as part of The School of Kiev
exhibitions and programme opening Sept 8 at
House of Clothes at Lvivska Square Kiev
The exhibition runs until Nov 1st.



The screening of Fugue will take place on Sept 11 7 pm
in the Wavelengths programme 1: Fire in the Brain
of the Toronto International FIlm Festival
at AGO Art Gallery of Ontario


Very excited to return to Toronto!


is also been showing at


There is a trailer of Fugue on the website!



world! premiere! at Melbourne International Film Festival!

Thursday August 6  6.45 pm!


Cinenova: Diffracted Landscapes

column by Irene Revell and Kerstin Schroedinger for Camera Austria N. 130

Rainbow’s Gravity

screened at Rencontres Internationales @ HKW Berlin

Saturday  June 27  9pm

shortlisted for SWISS ART AWARDS 2015
16 – 21 June, 2015
Hall 4.0, Messe Basel, 10 – 19 h
Opening: 15 June, 19 – 22 h